Synanetics Case Study Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland Care Record


Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland Care Record

People living in Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland (LLR) are set to receive better, safer care and treatment, thanks to the introduction of the LLR Care Record (LLRCR). After a comprehensive market evaluation, LLR chose to form a partnership with the Yorkshire and Humber Care Record and Synanetics to deploy the InterWeave data platform and clinical portal. This is the first partnership of its kind and has forged a model for reusing NHS owned assets which has subsequently enabled other ICSs to accelerate their own interoperability objectives.

The InterWeave technology products enable participants in a health and care system to share data safely and securely. They promote better integration of clinical processes by creating a data democracy which allows care workers in different care setting to collaborate in the care of patients. The intellectual property for InterWeave is owned by the NHS and the product roadmap is controlled by its users.


As developer of the InterWeave products and an established strategic partner and implementer of the Yorkshire and Humber Care Record, Synanetics provided extensive knowledge and guidance to the LLR programme to ensure adoption of the optimum technical solution.

Synanetics worked closely with University Hospitals of Leicester, Leicestershire Partnership Trust, Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council and Rutland County Council to establish their data provision using Synanetics’ tested and proven framework for getting different systems working together.

Our experience of Information Governance, Cyber Security and Clinical Safety helped the region efficiently overcome the non-technical barriers top information sharing. This included drafting data sharing agreements, producing data privacy impact assessments, assuring clinical safety and establishing information governance frameworks.

Our agile approach allowed the most technically mature organisations to contribute data early and laid foundations for other local partners including 111 services, care homes, hospices, and community pharmacies to join at the time that was right for them. This is also being extended into supporting virtual wards, remote monitoring.


In reviewing our Shared Care record options we felt that the Interweave platform was genuinely a purest open data platform with fantastic expandability. By joining as a partner with other NHS organisations it gave us a real sense of democratic control over the product, but also to have our own data instance away from the rest of Yorkshire and Humber. Joining an NHS partnership saved time and expenditure on a procurement and introduced us to the Synanetics as a supplier. From decision to proceed to a live platform in three months, I defy anyone else to beat that!

Ian Wakeford, Chief Information Officer of the LLR Integrated Care Board






  • Rapid Shared Care Record deployment using open standards such as FHIR, SNOMED-CT and the PRSB CIS for information sharing
  • Synanetics core integration competence used to release data using InterWeave Connect –built for-purpose technology which simplifies FHIR-based data provision
  • Configurations of a care portal for each organisation with in-context access from local systems
  • Future-proof longitudinal care record against changes to local systems


  • The national shared care record solution mandate met within three months
  • A collaborative partnership for driving the use and improvement of the technical solution and the related best practice methods
  • Strengthening of relationships with key suppliers: TPP, LiquidLogic and NerveCentre
  • A technical framework for addressing future information sharing objectives and re-engineering of care pathways