Advancing Healthcare Through Interoperability


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Technological innovation means radical new opportunities for delivering better care. We help you, a healthcare provider, imagine a different future and show you how you can get there.



Your business agility depends on sound technical foundations. Our deep experience of healthcare standards and technologies will help you build an infrastructure which will allow you to evolve.


Healthcare is a 24×7 business. Our aim is not to rescue you from crisis, although we will be there for you if you need us, but to use our acumen to pre-empt a problem before it becomes a calamity.



We are technology agnostic and results focussed. We have a proven record of turning concepts into reality.

Welcome to Synanetics

Synanetics provides professional IT services to NHS Trusts, CCGs, County Councils and others involved in the provision of healthcare.

Our focus is interoperability: we help our clients be part of a wide health economy where information is shared safely, with the consent of patient, and with the aim of promoting efficient collaboration and improved outcomes.

We are well versed in the major topics of modern healthcare technology and support the use of standards such as HL7, FHIR and IHE to build open infrastructures.